December 16, 2018


We offer a three week apprenticeship program for graduates of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training programs. The intention of this program is to develop confidence in a studio setting, become skilled in the art of assisting and adjusting and fully step into your role as a teacher. 

Each apprentice will be placed with a one of Tribe Yoga’s senior teachers, who will mentor them over the course of three weeks. 

The mentorship will include regular meetings and one-on-one instruction. The apprentice will observe and assist a number of classes and will slowly ease in to teaching part of the class. 

The mentor will guide the apprentice on how to begin teaching, how to set up classes and how to hone in their message. 

This is an excellent way to enhance your teaching, gain experience and set you on your path of teaching yoga. 



Contact us below for more information or to apply.