World of Eastern Medicine

Module 01
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Ayurveda Elemental Yoga TTC (50Hrs)

According to Yoga and Ayurveda, the ancient sister sciences founded in India's Vedic traditions and developed alongside each other to serve the same goal and approach to life, 5 elements constitute the foundation of all creation; namely earth, water, fire, air and space make up all life in nature.
Within the Ayurvedic philosophy, earth roots and grounds, water flows, fire energises, air lightens, and space expands. Tribe Academy’s Ayurveda Elemental YTTC blends in-depth anatomical and biomechanical understanding of yoga with the comprehensive framework of Ayurveda's 5 Element system.
You will learn how to adapt your yoga practice and teaching to meet your own individual requirements physically, psychologically and emotionally as well as guide your students into experiencing a transformational change. During this training, you will learn all the important tools and essential skills to help yourself and your students improve their health and wellbeing.

Course Highlight

History of Ayurveda, its relations and significance to Yoga
Eight limbs of Ayurveda
Study of Panchamahabhuta (5 elements system)
Introduction to the Tridosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and the gunas (qualities) of the elements
Mala and Dhatus
Nadis, The Five Koshas and Pancha Vayus
Defining your unique constitution
Energetic actions and qualities of yoga poses
The art of yoga sequencing based on Tridosha
Linear and mandala sequencing around 5 elements
Exploring how your dosha relates to fulfilling your life’s purpose
Creating a personalised daily routine to stay balanced

Yang Yin Yoga TTC (50Hrs)

In this 50-hour Yang Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you will journey into the combined wisdom of Hatha Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Five Element Meridian Theory together with Western Anatomy to explore the subtle realm of fascia and the invisible neural and energetic network that interweaves all living systems, your basic anatomical differences that ultimately affect your yoga postures and learn tools to harmonise the pervasive connective tissue in the body by ’stressing’ and breaking down entangled fibres from physical/emotional/mental tension or from physical immobility resulting in smoothly textured flowing pranic energy to help us to bring a sense of self-acceptance.
In this deeply healing training, you will learn to be with what is, to let go of resistance by releasing physical, mental or emotional baggage, influence the chi flow through the 12 meridian pathways, fuel the 12 main organ systems with life force to enable our lives to become more fluid, supple, flexible and easeful.
This training offers a holistic map and practical pathway for potentializing freedom and liberation within ourselves and in turn allows you to teach this practice with confidence, as ample time will be dedicated to the art of teaching, based on a solid and effective teaching methodology.

Course Highlight

Morning and evening yang and yin yoga practice
Philosophy of Yin & Yang
Five Element Theory
Concept and Function of Chi
Causes and Symptoms of Chi Disruption
Recognising Chi Imbalance
Meridian pathways
TCM Zang Fu – 12 Primary Organ Systems
Embodied practices targeting organs associated to the meridians
Meridian Clock – Application for Symptom Diagnosis & Treatment
Food Medicine - Dietary Support for the Five Elements
Theory and interactive learning
Postural workshops and Yin yoga asana breakdown
Sequencing and communication workshops
An inspirational and positive learning environment
Developing self-practice into the emotional and mental body, away from the physical body

Fascia Yoga TTC (20Hrs)

Whenever a part of your body stiffens or develops adhesions or scar tissue, it affects the entire chain, pulling the fabric of the myofascial network. During this training, you will learn myofascial release techniques to safely support your yoga practice by locating troubled spots and targeting your whole nervous system, making your practice sustainable.

Course Highlight

Understand what fascia is, and what it isn’t
Learn about the three types of fascia and the latest science
Fascial Trains & Organ System Pathology for The Five Elements
Learn how to recognise and address fascial stiffening, adhesions and deep scarring, all of which can limit movement and create pain.
Learn how to include fascial release techniques into your yoga class and/or how to use them as a supplement to your yoga practice.
After fascial release, you'll notice a difference in your asana practise and improved proprioception (awareness of where your body is in space)